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Feedback Report


- Main Menu is fantastic and really sets the mood.

- movement feels good

- character and enemy art is great

-  small details add charm

       parrot buddy

       knocking weapons from enemies


- If you try to start charging your cannon before you land from last shot it will not charge until you press the button again

- trying to hit enemies can feel very frustrating and unfair

       maybe increase hitboxes

- I think demons are invincible right after their attack

       might be intentional

- water around shop is the same color as water you can walk in on coast but kills you.

- no music while playing


hope this helps!


My thoughts:

  • There should really be a wave timer so players can keep track of what they're waiting for; I thought the game was broken because nothing was happening for so long and the island was empty for the most part as I wandered across it.
  • I don't know what whistling does, nor what the bottom-right wheel is for.
  • It's a bit immersion-breaking for there to be no jumping sound.
  • I died once I tried killing this pink animal or something; is that considered "family" to protect? There were no instructions provided about what constitutes "family"...
  • It was weird to see one of the giant crabs simply disappear the moment the screen showed "wave 1 completed." Are they not part of the invaders?

The graphics and audio work are great but the island was just way too bare for me to continue playing for long, at least in the game's current state.


Great feedback, thank you so much! Completely agree with everything you said. That "pink animal" is your child - definitely needs some work to make that clear xD


I committed infanticide! 🙈


KeronCyst I've reported u to the authorities. Also, sorry for your loss.


Amazing, especially the artwork. Can you message me on twitter?


Nice game

Hello! I think the auto-installation doesn't work. I installed it manually and had to say to Windows 10 that the executable was safe

hmm ok thanks for the feedback. I will just upload the exe as an option then - it is working for most. The unsafe issue has to do with your antivirus, I will look into what I can do about that...

no problem